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Connect with the world around you through activities

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Cards of people nearby you
Foxie was created to connect you to the world around you through activities in a simple way:

Add what you want to do

Simply add the thing you want to do with the time and place!


See details about the activity like who's going, what time, place, what others are saying! Join the activity and message that user!

A person nearbyInterest comparison between two people

Discover new friends, places and things. Join groups, chat with the world and much more

It's a matchMessage thread

The whole jist of foxie is to just get you out into the world, make new friends, connect with other people. Have fun!

Contact us

Questions? Feedback? Want to request a feature? We’re building this for you, so we want to know what you think. We’re always happy to chat, so drop us a line at info@foxie.cool.